Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Rach Writes: First Campaigner Challenge ~ Interrupted

As some of you may know, I'm taking part in the Rach Writes Write Campaign. Basically, it introduces you to other writers in your genre and helps build your blog, Twitter and Facebook followers with people outside your own circle of family and friends. She hosts two challenges as well as the networking opportunities and this is the first of them.

Here are the challenge rules:

~Must start with "Shadows crept across the wall".
~Must end with "everything faded".
~Must include the word "orange".
~Must be exactly 200 words.

Here is my entry, I hope you enjoy: Interrupted

Shadows crept across the wall as she hastily grabbed the orange box marked tampons from under the vanity sink. Her fiancée would return in an hour. She can't be interrupted. He can't know.

Sitting on the yellow tiled floor, she dove into the box with the colorful wrappers. Candy bars, baked treats and all things processed stared back at her. She doesn't know where to start, every item begs for her attention.

The day had been long and stressful, angry words spoken between lovers. It called for something sweet and sinful. Her mouth watered as she ripped into Eden; both hands crammed with sweet desire, mouth consumed with sugary delight.

Fist full by fist full she inhaled the forbidden treats. Her fingers fumbled with the wrappers, she couldn't get them off fast enough. He would be home soon and her affair with food would be interrupted. He would never understand. This brought her true happiness, more happiness than he ever had.

Her stomach did a familiar somersault. She leaned over the toilet, sticking her fingers down her throat. Having purged her binge, she slid against the tub with feelings of fulfillment and shame overcoming her as everything faded.