Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Gift

“I seriously don’t understand what you’re still doing with Mark,” Gina said, loud enough to penetrate the bathroom door. “All you do is complain about him.”

“Yeah, I know. But he does have his good moments,” answered Lori.

“Have you ever stopped to count his good moment, bad moment ratio? It can’t be good. I mean he’s a creep. Didn’t he sleep with Stacy a few months ago?”

“Well, yeah, but we were on a break. So it doesn’t really count.”

“Lori, you were on a break for like five minutes, it counts.”

“But, it was a really big fight. I shouldn’t have pushed him the way I did.”

“Oh yeah, you shouldn’t have made a big deal about him standing you up to hang with his buddies,” Gina said rolling her eyes. “Besides he didn’t even get you a gift for your birthday.”

Lori opened the bathroom door, color absent from her face, white stick in hand. “Oh, he gave me a gift alright.”