Thursday, June 14, 2012

Last Man Dancing

The last woman looked at the man and rolled her eyes.  If only she had arrived sooner, she would’ve gotten a decent partner.  The man strutted to her side and raised his eyebrows, “Would you like to dance?”

Stamping on a smile, she nodded.  The music played a waltz and they were soon gliding to the soothing tune.  As he turned her in circle after circle, she couldn’t help but notice his gracefulness.  Being two inches shorter than her and about twice as wide, she was sure he’d be a clumsy ox.  Unable to meet his gaze, she stared at his head, watching the colorful lights bounce around the shiny globe. 

The music switched to a jitterbug and the man began to whirl her around, causing her to giggle.  The more they danced, the harder she laughed.  Who knew she could have so much fun with the last man dancing?