Thursday, July 26, 2012

Living Soul by S.B. Niccum

I'm very excited about my guest this week, S.B. Niccum has let me into the mind of the main character Tess, from her highly popular YA series, Veiled. The second book in the series, LivingSoul, is now available in both print and e-books.

First, a little about the book: Veiled from her previous existence as a gifted Angel, Tess is now a mere mortal growing up in foster care with her autistic foster brother, Dorian, and a twisted foster sister, Agatha -- whose main goal in life is to torture them both. Tess' life has been dull and average at best; but all that changes with one look. When she inadvertently gazes into the eyes of the most popular guy in school -- Alex Preston -- Tess sees a glimpse of her previous existence. Uncomprehending, Tess wonders what those memories are and why she now feels like she knows Alex better than anyone in this world. More importantly, why is he haunting her dreams? Dreams so vivid, that they blur the lines of reality, awakening a slew of inexplicable paranormal abilities she didn't know she possessed. Frustrated and confused, Tess lives a double life ... one where Alex has a girlfriend and Tess is a normal high school girl. And another where spirits, visions, and dreams are true. Is she going crazy or is she secretly dating Alex in her dreams?

My interview with Tess:

If you could choose one famous dead person to talk to, who would it be and why?

I would want to talk to my parents, if they are dead. I don't know if they are or not, no one will tell me--not even my Guardian Angel--who is dead and talks to me non-stop. She's very tight lipped about the other side, something about losing her post if she reveals too much. But I've managed to get her to tell me more than she should have, a time or two, so I know certain things ...
Image you can turn the voices off just for one day, what would you do? How would you spend that day?

Turning the voices off is a constant mental struggle for me. It's not so much that I want to turn them off, as tuning in to the right ones. The good voices, like those of Angels, you want to hear. It's the other voices, the bad ones, the cast-outs, those you want to keep out.

Best book you've ever read?

My favorite book, that I read and re-read is Jane Eyre. I have a weakness for all the classics that have orphans. ...Maybe because I am one.

Food you can't live without?

I can tell you the food that I can live without--Charlotte's--my foster mother.

What show on TV do you love to watch, but don't want anyone to know you love to watch it?

I'm a closet Trekky. Shhh.

What talent (other than talking to the dead) would you love to have?

I would like to talk to animals, like Katie can.

If you had the option to paint your bedroom, what color would you choose?

I would wallpaper it and make it look like a room that Jane Austen would have inhabited.

What song would you like to play continuously in Agatha's, your foster sister, head to annoy her?

Ha! What a marvelous idea! That might just be something I should try. Mmm... let's see, something Justin Bieberish would just do the trick. How about this gem?

Doesn't she sound fascinating? I can't wait to read this series.
Silvina B. Niccum was born in Rosario, Argentina and raised in Buenos Aires. Her family immigrated to the US, when she was fourteen. She attended the University of Utah and studied Spanish Literature. Silvina now lives in Dallas, TX with her husband and her three homeschooled children.
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