Thursday, September 27, 2012

Quail Crossings One Month Birthday GIVEAWAY!!

On October 4th, Quail Crossings will be 1 month old!! In honor of her bday, I'm giving stuff away!! Yay! FREE BOOKS AND OTHER STUFF!!

Here's what you'll get:

A signed copy of Quail Crossings and bookmarks.

An Apple Pie (it won't be the one in the pic, I'll buy a fresh one just for you, well as fresh as a pie you can mail can be).

Apple cider (ok if you haven't read the book yet (shame on you) but you'll understand the apple pie and cider after you DO read the book... cause you're gonna read the book, right?

A mini Lavender candle.

A signed copy of Whispered Beginnings: A Clever Fiction Anthology which includes my romantic short story, New Beginnings.

A seashell necklace and Island Luau candle, in honor of New Beginnings.

And the pièce de résistance... your very own NORMAN the goose!! The stuffed version of course and no he's not in the pic, but I will post of pic of him very soon.

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