Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Profile: Brandy Walker - Graphic Designer

Y'all have seen me do a few author profiles on here, but today I'm going to do something a bit different and profile a graphic designer. She's not just any graphic designer, she's MY graphic designer and she just happens to be my sister, Brandy Walker, owner of Sister Sparrow Graphic Designs.

Brandy has always had an abundance of artistic skills, she's won honorable mentions in national awards for her art. That's right people, NATIONAL awards. But it wasn't until recently, that she found what I believe is her true artistic niche, the art of book covers.

She has done a number of book covers for my short stories and has been commissioned for the cover of my upcoming novel, Winter Song (Spring, 2013). Anyone who knows me, knows I take my book covers very seriously. Having worked as a librarian, I know how important the cover of a book is... if your cover stinks, then your book stinks, no matter the brilliance inside. So let me be clear I would not hire her, sister or not, if I didn't think she had talent. But I don't need to make this argument, because I believe her covers will speak for themselves.

Our first collaboration together was for my short story, Thesis Revised:


Having seen her talent, my writer's group, the WordWeavers, commissioned her for our annual anthology, SeasonsRemembered:

Followed closely by my newest short story, due for release on December 4th, Footprints in the Snow:

But she doesn't just do covers! She also does promotional material, like buttons, which are perfect for Facebook profile pics:



And cover photos, which are also perfect for bookmarkers:



She's basically a one-stop shop for your graphic arts needs in small business. She can build logos, business cards, post cards, you name it, I bet she can do it. Here are some more examples of her work:

Here's where you can find Brandy Walker and Sister Sparrow Graphic Designs:

Twitter: @SisterSparrowD