Monday, February 18, 2013

Flash Fiction: Still Waiting

She sat and stared out the icy window.  The sleet fell heavily and she knew the roads would be treacherous.  Biting her lower lip she thought about the last time she ventured out in a storm.  She flinched at the flashback of crushing metal as the smell of burning oil assaulted her nose.


Glancing at her watch she knew he'd be worried; worried that she wouldn't come, that she didn't love him.  The message was clear: meet him tonight or lose him forever.  Her stomach dropped at the thought of life without him.   She sighed, longing for his big arms to hug her and make everything fine. 


Surely he would understand?  The roads were a mess. He wouldn't want her to get hurt.  Grabbing her cell phone she prayed for service. Still no signal.  Walking to the kitchen she picked up the landline. No dial tone.  Why had she made things so complicated?


Grabbing her coat she knew she had to go.  Living without him was not an option. She would brave the storm and pray that he was still waiting.