Wednesday, February 13, 2013

OKWB Challenge: First Friends--Sisters

I'm participating in the Oklahoma Women Bloggers Challenge "For the Love of Blogging" this week, today the topic is friends.

Of all the topics, this might just be the hardest for me to write about and probably not for the reasons y'all think. How do you put into words what all your friends mean to you? I have many friends, who are there for me on a number of occasions. I can't possibly  name all my friends and why they are important to me... I'll forget someone, I always do.

So I decided to talk about my very first friends, my sisters, Brandy and Anna. As I sit here my mind floods with memories to share of my time with my sisters. Everything from playing horsey with Brandy, my older sister, in the first home I can remember. I being the horse, romped around the living room jump rope around my waist as Brandy trailed behind playing the cowgirl. It wasn't long till I reared, having seen a spider. We yelled for our Mom, running to get her. "A spider! A spider!" we yelled.

As good mother's should she came into the living room with one of Anna's baby sandals, saw the spider, turned around and grabbed our father's boot. Turns out it was a black widow. I'm not sure why she grabbed the boot, I would've grabbed a bazooka.

My younger sister, Anna, and I lived together most of our lives, including adulthood. Many a birthday came around where it was just the two of us, but that didn't stop us from making them special. Every birthday she would come running into my room and jump on my bed with some sort of present. We'd lay there and talk for hours. Only getting up to find cake or ice cream or both (usually both).

Brandy and I used to fight like cats and dogs while teenagers. I'm not sure how many times I locked myself in the bathroom to escape her wrath. And I'm not sure how many times she slammed her door in my face out of sheer frustration caused by a little sister. I'm glad we've gotten closer. I'm glad we're past the point of always having to be right (because I'm right 99.4% of the time, so it just saves us both some frustration).

I can't imagine my childhood without both my sisters. Anna and I singing along to Debbie Gibson, sitting on the top bunk of our bunk beds. Playing Barbies, Care Bears and My Little Ponies longer than most girls would dare now-a-days. Having tea parties at Grandma Lou Anne's house, while staying up till midnight (if Anna could make it that long), eating ice cream with chocolate syrup while watching Johnny Carson.

I could go on and on... the memories are endless. I hope to provide a sibling for Baby Girl, but even if we can't, I pray that my time with my sisters, will help Baby Girl build a lifetime of memories with me similar to that I had with my first friends--my sisters.
Me, Anna and Brandy - 2000 (I think)