Monday, February 11, 2013

OKWB Challenge: Musical Muse

I'm participating in the Oklahoma Women Bloggers Challenge "For the Love of Blogging", today the topic is music.

I love music. In fact, I love all types of music (except for jazz, jazz is meant for elevators and supermarkets only). I will set my player to shuffle on my entire music collection while working in my office and it'll play everything from Katy Perry to Mumford and Sons to Jay Z to Bach.

But music plays a much bigger part in my life than just filling the silence. Music is my writing muse. I can't write a novel until I have that manuscript's song. Setting the player to shuffle is my way of finding that song. I'll be working on the outline or doing other paperwork and the minute the right song comes on the story starts to flash through my head like a movie preview.

I actually started writing Return to Quail Crossings before I found my muse song and ended up having to start over. Sounds drastic, I know, but the muse is like that... she's a bigger diva than Mariah Carey.
What's your favorite song?