Sunday, February 24, 2013

Scotland/London Trip ~ Day 1

It was an absolutely beautiful day to start an adventure. The Hubs and I left Tulsa this afternoon a little before 1 pm.

The Hubs and I waiting to board in Tulsa, OK ~ ready for an adventure.

Now, I'm not a big fan of flying... in face I'm a bit terrified of it. But a little over five years ago before I flew to Wyoming The Hubs got me a friend:
This is Marshmellow
Marshmellow was as reliable as ever... but it's a good thing Marshmellow doesn't have circulation, because as hard as I was squeezing her duirng take offs and landings, she would've of survived. After a smooth take off, I watched the landscape "fly" by.
We had a great lunch in Chicago and then it was time to board the 7 1/2 hour flight to London.
We are so giddy... we are also laughing because Mike's big head wouldn't all fit into the frame.
The plane ride was pretty uneventful (Thanks to Marshmellow). I can't say much for the dinner they served us... it was the definition of "airplane food". Not good. Of course, we both try to sleep, but only managed a big of dozing. Soon the lights of London appeared and we landed a little before 6am. And then we ran... I have no pictures of London, because there wasn't time to take any. We barely made it to our Aberdeen connection before boarding.
It didn't help that the flight attendant on the London flight told us we would not need to feel out the little blue card... we did, which meant going to the end of the passport line. Thankfully Heathrow has a "Fast Track" option and we were able to utilize it and speed through security. Even though we were in the "Fast Track" line, it was still painfully slow compared to our security in Tulsa. I just didn't feel their way was very effeciant. Something I was able to share with a very nice British Airways employee who asked me to do a quick survey. Not that it was a bad experience (I gave them a 4 out of 5, so I wasn't that upset about it).
The thing I noticed the most was everyone was so helpful and polite and called me "love", which I'm seriously thinking about adopting. We never once got lost, even thought I believe we tranversed the entire airport. We never stared at the big board for more than a minute before someone directed us in the right direction.
Finally, on the plane to Aberdeen (no pic, I was looking pretty rough) we rested during the last hour stretch and debated our first move when we got to Aberdeen... it wasn't much of a debate, it was 3:30 am our time and we needed sleep. Jet lag is no joke and must be respected. I took a quick pic from our hotel room, right before crashing.
Aberdeen, Scotland
Our inital plan was to sleep for 3 hours then do some sight seeing... we slept for five... then laid in bed for another hour before the need to eat made us exit the comfy quilt. Using the power of the internet we found a Turkish/Eastern Mediterranean fusion restaurant. I'll admit I was reluctant... I'd never had Turkish or Mediterranean food before and was opting for the hotel bar, which served food I actually knew. But I told myself I would try new things and that included food.
I started out simple with Tomato Basil soup and pita bread:
This soup was tasty, but hot enough to boil an egg. As The Hubs put it, "You'd get sued for serving soup this hot in the states."
Next I ordered the Fried Aubergine with beef bolognese and mozerella cheese:
It was fantastic and I learned aubergine is another name for eggplant.
Well it's getting late and I have lots planned for tomorrow... I'm determinded to get to the castles even if it means I have to rent a car and drive left handed.