Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Tuesday News - Covers, Mothers, and Kindles Oh My!

Seems like Tuesdays are my day of choice to share big news. Sometimes I plan it like that, other times it just happens. It seems I'm not the only person who likes to share news on Tuesdays. But I digress, you aren't here to read how people like news on Tuesdays, you're here to read my BIG NEWS!!

Where to start?

Sunday I auditioned for the Oklahoma City cast of a little show called Listen to Your Mother. And by little show I mean a show that is done nation wide, in 24 different cities, in front of a LIVE audience, then spread all over YouTube, only to be watched by THOUSANDS of people. Yeah, that kind of little. Anywho... I GOT CAST!! I'M A MEMBER OF THE OKC LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER CAST!! SQUEEEE!!

See my shinny new button? -------------> (okay you might have to scroll down to see my shinny new button).

So the show is in Oklahoma City at the Will Rogers Theatre on Sunday, May 5th at 2pm. You can get more information and buy your tickets here. This show will benefit Infant Crisis Services, so it's a super good cause. Please come see me and all these other uber talented women, you won't regret it!!

This is not the button I was talking about, go ahead scroll down.

After some mental debate I have decided to jump on the free Kindle books bandwagon and give Kindle Readers 3 whole days to get their copy of Quail Crossings for FREE! And it starts this SUNDAY!!

Ok, and last, but certainly not least, because it's still FREE! It's time to reveal the cover of my next FREE short story, Jar of Pickles, cover art by the ever so talented Brandy Walker at Sister Sparrow Graphic Designs. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't nervous about this one, it's unlike anything I've written or that you've read before. And although it parallels some life events, it is not meant to be political. Mmmm'kay ya'll?

Free for your e-readers via Smashwords.com starting April 2nd!!