Monday, April 22, 2013

Color Run Tulsa!!

I am not a runner.

Seriously, I am not a runner.

But, I do get a kick out of 5ks. I blame Heather Davis for that. Afterall I won a chance to walk with her at the Hot Momma's Run in Edmond, OK back in Sept. She's the bug that bit me. OK, so she isn't literally the bug, but she introduced me to the bug.

Heather and I at the Hot Momma Run 2012
and check out Heather new book: TMI Mom Oversharing My Life

So when my bestie, Clare, suggested we do the Tulsa Color Run, I was all like "Abso-flippin-lutely". And yes I said "flippin" I'm classy like that. We started out of the house in our dress code appropriate white shirts which we ironed on messages for Boston. Clare's said, "Texan 4 Boston" and mine said, "Love 4 Boston, Every Step For U".

Clare (right) and I in pristine condition at the days beginning
We get to the event
and there were a ton of people...
Seriously, a ton of people...

We got our race packets and immediately put on our rockin' headbands.

Rockin' the headbands

Then we waited in line for out chance to start... and waited.... and waited. For an hour we waited for our turn.
In line
Since we had to wait soooo long, I decided to practice my color dodging skills (which failed by the way)
Finally, we had our turn and the the color fun began. I don't have any pics of the actual run. I put my phone up so it wouldn't be color bombed. But let's just say there was plenty of color and I always said BLUE is my signature color.
We Finished!!