Thursday, April 11, 2013

Letter to My Readers

Dear Readers,

Recently, I announced that Winter Song would be out on May 28th. I regret to state that I might have to push that date back a bit. I really hate pushing the date back, but I refuse to put out a book with flaws just to get it out there by a certain date.

Being an independent author is running your own business and as all business owners I'm learning as I go and I make mistakes. After Quail Crossings came out, I was so excited to be living my dream, and y'all were so supportive and asking about the next book, that I set an unrealistic goal for myself and the quality of work I want to put out. The quality of work y'all deserve.

In today's independent publishing world there are a lot of authors who just crank out book after book. Unfortunately, some of these books go on the Amazon shelf way before they are ready. They are full of errors and storylines full of holes. It's not fair to you as the reader and it's a bad move on their part. I refuse to fall into that quantity is better than quality trap. It's bad for books in general and it's not fair to you, the reader.

I want you to enjoy everything of mine you buy. I want you to know that I put in the time that you as the reader deserve. Thanks for all your support. I will get Winter Song out early this summer and hopefully you'll feel it was worth the wait.


Jennifer McMurrain