Monday, April 29, 2013

Moms Who Rock Giveaway!!

On Friday I stated as FACT that ALL Mommies are super stars, cause you are. And because you all rock, here's a giveaway for you (and everyone else, mommies or not) that focuses on some serious rockin' Moms.

Get the kids out of the house, turn up the music and have fun cleaning! -- Jill Martin
It’s spring! The weather is beautiful, the kids are in the middle of their golf and softball seasons, and the dog is finally staying in the back yard as opposed to breaking in through the garage. It’s hard to find the motivation to clean when Mother Nature is begging you to come outside and play with her. But you look around and your house is a pit. What can you do to motivate yourself to clean? Not much. So, my advice to you—and it’s advice I follow for myself as well—is don’t clean. As soon as you get the living room floor visible again, you’ll find it cluttered with cleats and socks and cheese stick wrappers and crumpled up papers announcing PTA meetings. So, as long as it’s spring time and as long as your kids still live anywhere within a ten-mile radius of you, don’t clean. It’s just not worth the time and effort. -- Heather Davis
I move piles around until I finally succumb to cleaning and then get obsessed with the details. Like instead of just cleaning out the closet I'll want to take it apart, repaint it and and then give it a new style. -- Malena Lott

About the books:
Two dance moms. One crazy dance world. DANCE MOM SURVIVAL GUIDE is a humorous and helpful guidebook for parents of dancers, written by two dance moms who have not only “been there,” but “are there!” Lott and Martin talked to dance moms across the country, dance professors, a psychologist, and instructors, to bring the stage lights directly on the difficulties and joys of raising a dancer and helping them be successful. Is it anything like reality TV? —the role of a dance mom —the healthy dancer —the leap from dancer to team or company dancer —time and financial investment —improving communication—dance manners —camps, conventions and competitions —dance statistics —dealing with mistakes —how to make dance fun for moms Dance moms with dancers of all ages and stages will find useful information to help on the journey from dance class to stage star.
 From scorching her hoo-hah with jalapeƱos to attempting Carmen Electra’s Aerobic Striptease in torn sweats and tube socks to her frustrated desire to pour tequila on her cereal when her kids say, ‘I’m booooooooored!,’ Heather Davis serves up hilarious tales of family-life insanity that are never mean (except when skewering herself) and never leave the reader screaming, ‘I’m boooooooored!’ TMI Mom FTW!” — Linda Erin Keenan, author of Suburgatory Ever wished you could say what you were really thinking? TMI Mom Heather Davis does just that. With her trademark dry wit and knack for storytelling, TMI Mom goes where no mom has been (at least in the pages of a book), with stories about the crazy things that can happen — in the minivan, the bedroom, and out in the big, bad world.
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Moms Rock Prize package!
Comment for a chance to win the Moms Rock package: a $20 gift card to your book retailer of choice; a TMI Mom t-shirt, a Dance Mom Survival Guide tote bag, bubble path and spa slippers! $75 value. Winner picked from all entries in the Moms Rock Blog tour. Winner announced Friday, May 10th. Follow this link to find out how to gain points to win!