Friday, April 26, 2013

Super Stars!!

You may have noticed I've not posted much lately. I love blogging and it just seems to fit that this blog is about juggling being a full time Mommy with being a full time writer and I dropped the ball on blogging this week. When you juggle all things toddler with all things work, something's gonna fall. This week, for me, it was blogging and that's okay.

I think we Mommies are under the impression we have to do it ALL. That if even one ball is dropped we have failed. I know this, because I am guilty of it. There was a time I would've been very hard on myself for missing a blog post. And when I missed my Winter Song (upcoming novel) deadline I was downright abusive to me. How could I not get stuff done? How could I be so unorganized? How could I let my reader's down? How could I let myself down? Why didn't I work harder?

During all this self abuse I had a major road trip happening, with no short of 20 hours in the car without someone to talk to. And Baby Girl screaming at me that she wanted out of the car seat does not constitute a conversation. So I had time to think, that is when I wasn't singing like a rock star along with Adele.

Who had I really hurt by not meeting my deadline? My readers (hopefully) are disappointed, but they know I'm working hard to make it the best book possible. I'm guessing they'd rather have to wait a bit longer for Winter Song than read a piece of junk. Of course, I was disappointed that I couldn't get it done by my deadline, but missing that deadline has only made me work harder to get it out as close to the original release date as possible.

So I dropped A ball, one ball... not a big deal. It's not like I didn't feed my child or forgot to pick her up from Mother's Day Out. No one was seriously injured in the missing of the deadline or the lack of blog posts.

All Mommies juggle, working or stay-at-home, we are all juggling thousands of life balls every day. If something drops, the house doesn't get cleaned or you pick up Subway instead of cooking a few times, it's okay. You are doing your best and that's what counts.  And if that still doesn't make you feel better, think of all those balls you're juggling and imagine your significant other trying to do it. Cause you my Mommy friends are ALL SUPER STARS!