Monday, April 8, 2013

TMI Mom Book Review and Giveaway

If I had to describe Heather Davis in one word it would be... well... I guess I would have to say.... nope, I can't do it. There's no way to describe someone as fantastic as Heather in one word. But if I had to describe Heather's new book, TMI Mom Oversharing My Life, in one word, it would be HILARIOUS!

Author C.D. Jarmola and I giddy with excitement over getting our copies of TMI Mom!
TMI Mom Oversharing My Life takes you on a journey through motherhood, a journey that will leave childless couples all over the world running for the birth control. She leave out no detail when it comes the comedy that is her life and family and will have you rolling in the aisle, or bed, or couch, or waiting room, wherever it is that you're reading her book. CAUTION: Snort laughs and crying from laughter will happen, so choose where you read carefully. At church, when you're supposed to be listening to the pastor would not be ideal.

Seriously, as a first time mom, it was good to read Heather's stories of family hilarity, because no matter how crazy things get in my own house, I know I'm not alone.

And because I love this book (and Heather) so much, I'm giving away a signed copy!! Y'all know the drill, just follow the Rafflecopter's directions below and Monday, April 15th I'll announce the winner. Good luck!
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