Monday, May 20, 2013

Doing It Alone

I don't know how single parents do it. Seriously, how do y'all do it?

Last week, I was a single parent. Not only was I single parent, I was a single parent with a chest cold. Not just any chest cold, but the kind of chest cold that makes you think the possibility of your lungs actually exiting your body via a coughing fit is a reality and may even be a blessing.

All I wanted to do was drug myself up with Robitussin and sleep it off. But I couldn't. I had a daughter to take care of and writing meetings to attend. I was very thankful that baby girl still had a week left of Mother's Day Out giving me time to prepare my house for the meetings.

The evenings were a different matter all together. I had to find someone to distract my little bundle of joyful energy and this is when I realized how single parent's do it. They can do it because they have amazing friends. And even better if those amazing friends have babysitting aged daughters. A huge thank you to Jennifer and MacKinsey and Denise and Kasia.

The meetings were covered, but by Thursday it was very apparent that I needed to go to the doctor. During one of the meetings, my good friend Diana, offered to have a play date for baby girl and her grandkids. They spent an hour and a half at the park, entertaining my daughter, while I went to the doctor and got a chest X-ray and antibiotics. So a huge thanks to Diana, Roger, Logan and Anna.

Hilary Clinton said, "It takes a village," to raise a child and I don't think I ever understood that phrase until now. No parent is meant to do it all alone. But to those who have to, I not only raise my glass to you, but I hope you have some great friends... friends like mine.