Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Fat Arms and All

"I can't believe you used that picture!"

"What? It's a good picture."

"I look like an old lady. You can see all my wrinkles and I'm about 15 pounds heavier there than I am now..."


Why do we do this? Seriously, why are we women so hard on ourselves? Yes, I realize men are hard on themselves as well, but how often do you hear a man gripe about a pictures someone posted of him on Facebook? We women do it all the time and I am just as guilty of it as any of my friends.

I told y'all of my craamazing weekend, and it was crazy amazing. I won 2 second place awards at OWFI and got up in front of a sold out crowd of 400 people to read for Listen to Your Mother. I was walking on cloud nine, then the pictures started getting posted of the weekend's events, and I fell.

Actual text to my bestie: As I look at all the photos from this weekend I realize I need to work on my arms... like a lot.

It makes me sick to think that of all the wonderful things that happened this weekend, I'm dwelling on the fact I don't have Michelle Obama's arms (politics aside, the woman has fantastic arms). Why? Do my "fat arms" make my wins any less of a win? Let me check my certificate: Nope, I still won second in both categories, "fat arms" and all.

Let's see, were the people in the audience of Listen to Your Mother saying to their neighbor, "Her piece would've been so much better if she had Michelle Obama's arms"?

I'm gonna go with no.

Are there things I need to work on? Of course, but not for vanity sake, for health reasons. But as I work on those things, it doesn't make me a lesser person for still having those flaws. We all have things we want to change, but we are ALL beautiful just the way we are.

We are our own worst critics, so stand tall and get up in front of that sold out crowd of 400, or wear that bathing suit to the lake, and smile in every damn picture you take, because you are BEAUTIFUL. You are FIERCE. And you are AMAZING, "fat arms" and all.