Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Just Dance!

I love this time of year. No, not spring time. It's So You Think You Can Dance time!!

I have never been a dancer. There was a time in college when I thought I could dance, but I was mistaken. I've been to two ballets and absolutely loved them, but I don't think I truly fell in love with dance until I started watching So You Think You Can Dance about three years ago.

So I'm a relative newbie to the dance show and let me explain why. I can't stand reality T.V. shows where judges sit in high and mighty chairs and tell people how horrible they are. The worst part is the producers of the show put people up there knowing full well they aren't talented enough for the show. The whole purpose is to make fun of them. To me it's just mainstream bullying.

This made me hesitant to start watching SYTYCD, but I am so glad I did. Do they have their share of not-so-fabulous dancers? Yes. Do the judges laugh and poke a little fun. They do. But here's the thing that makes it different for me, they might laugh, but before that person leaves, they make sure to tell them to keep dancing. They are big proponents of dance for the joy of dancing.

I think that's a lovely message. We can't all be American Idols or SYTYCD champions, but we can all keep singing and dancing. So belt it like you're Adele and dance like you're Gene Kelley. So you think you can dance, you betcha!

Jeanine Mason - SYTYCD