Saturday, May 25, 2013

Weekly Wrap-up

I'm finally feeling better this week and actually got some writing done. It's been a good week, I hope y'all agree.

On Monday I took time to thank my friends for helping me during my single parent week with a chest cold in Doing It Alone.


 Fallen Angels was do out on Tuesday, but in light of the tragic tornados in Moore, part 6 will be posted on Sunday, May 26th.

Wednesday I talked about my love of So You Think You Can Dance in Just Dance.
Thursday, Clever Fiction posted my brand new short story, To Eat a Snail.
And finally, on Friday I shared my yummy, yummy Strawberry Pound Cake with Strawberry Honey glaze recipe.

And starting tomorrow you can get Seasons Remembered: A WordWeaver Anthology in which I have four stories in for FREE on your Kindles.