Monday, June 10, 2013

Jennifer the Punk

I totally punked out.

Yesterday was the Listen to Your Mother reunion in Oklahoma City and I didn't go. Why? you ask. Where you ill? Did you have a writing gig? Was the world being overthrown by zombies?


The original plan was for The Hubs to watch The Kid and I was going to pick up a few fellow cast mates and make the journey. Then The Hubs work got in the way. He recently got a new promotion, head of fixing crap when all chaos breaks loose. And chaos ensued, so he was unable to watch The Kid.

Here's where I punked out. I could've taken The Kid to the reunion. Others were bringing their entire families, but the thought of 5 hours (roundtrip) with The Kid in the car did not have my heart going pitter patter. Neither did the knowledge of not really being able to enjoy the reunion because I'd be constantly making sure The Kid didn't break or injure anyone. Those thoughts, plus the fact I have tons of work to do on my upcoming novel, didn't help persuade me to want to go.

I really hated to let this group of ladies (and gentleman) down, but the very thought of it had me groaning. Then I remembered some valuable words a very wise woman said to me, "Sometimes you just have to say no."

I know I can't do it all, even the things I really want to do. Sometimes it's really hard to say no, but I know that it was the right thing to do. And I will definitely make the next one. Balancing this Mommy thing and a full time writing career is hard. I want to be the girl who does it all and goes to everything, but part of making it successful is knowing when to say no.