Friday, August 2, 2013

Flash Fiction Friday ~ Mrs. Pinkerton

Michelle turned in circle; she couldn't remember the way back to the B&B. She had looked forward to this weekend and now she was going to spend it lost in the forest. She rubbed her hands together while biting her lip.

"Are you lost, sweetie?"

Michelle let out a small cry as she looked up to see an elderly woman standing in front of her.

"Yes, I'm at the B&B.  Can you please help me?"

"Follow me, dear."

The two women walked in silence as they made their way to the B&B.

"It's just up ahead, hon."

Michelle soon ran into the worried B&B caretaker.

"I'm sorry," began Michelle, "I got lost; this nice lady helped me."

As she turned to thank her savior, she saw only an empty path.

"Must have been Mrs. Pinkerton,” said the caretaker, “her sweet, departed soul can't stand to see a person in trouble."