Thursday, August 29, 2013

Thursday Spotlight ~ Winter Song Sneak Peek #3

Closing her eyes, she listened to the rain as Cooper snuggled up behind her. She tried to clear her mind, to just enjoy the soft percussion of nature, but her memory had other ideas. Before she could stop herself, she could see Cooper.

He was running in front of her, gently pulling her along as they ran through the rain. Sage smiled at the memory. They were barely twenty, and the world was theirs to conquer. As they reached the porch of the one-bedroom cabin that was their first home together, Sage pulled Cooper toward her and kissed him in the rain.

“I've always dreamed about doing that,” she said, smiling.

“Baby, I'll make all your dreams come true.” Cooper smiled back, before kissing her again. “Now come on, it's cold.”

He pulled her inside where they shed their raincoats and boots. Sage hurried to the kitchen. “I'll make us some omelets and hot cocoa. That'll warm us up.”

As she gathered the necessary ingredients for their brunch from the fridge, Cooper switched on the stereo. The soft melody of their song caressed the air, and Sage began to sway to the music. Soon she felt Cooper's strong arms wrap around her as he hugged her from behind. She leaned into him as he kissed her neck, then giggled as he nibbled on her ear.

She set the eggs back in the fridge and turned around to face her lover. She kissed him, giving his bottom lip a quick bite, causing Cooper to give her a wicked smile. Pushing her against the fridge, they locked hands as he kissed her hard on the lips before moving back to her neck.

“Stop it, Sage!” she yelled, bringing herself out of her daydream. “Those kinds of memories are not helpful right now. He's never coming back. It's time to move forward.” She brushed a tear off her cheek.