Friday, September 20, 2013

Flash Fiction Friday ~ Life of the Party

Oh my god, she's doing it again. Why do I come out with her? She gets a few vodka tonics in her and she's all over every guy in the bar. I knew this was going to happen and this time I've brought Lisa with me into this freak show. I can feel Lisa looking at me, almost begging me to do something to stop her.

But, I can't stop her. I've tried before. She always ends up making more of a scene. The last time I tried to get her to calm down she ended up dancing on the table. No, not just dancing on the table, dancing on the table without her shirt. Thank God, the bartender convinced her to keep her bra on. I'm surprised she wasn't arrested for indecent exposure. I know I didn't want to see that.

The problem is, I'm afraid if I don't go out with her then she will end up in jail or worse. How many times have I taken her home before she could walk out with a stranger? I don't think I want to count. This is really depressing. Of all people she should know better.

Crap, she's starting to get on the bar. Where is Lisa going? Man, I guess I better go stop this before Lisa thinks I'm a total jerk. I really don't want to do this, she's just going to cause a scene, but I can't let Lisa take the brunt of what's about to happen.

I guess this is just another day in the life of a son with an alcoholic mother.