Monday, September 16, 2013

Unlikely Friends

I was nervous.

We were having a baby. A blessing for sure. We already had five fur babies, three dogs and two cats. And one of those cats bites.

Our little Ali Cat was the most loving, sweet, kind cat you’ll ever meet, until she starts biting. She’ll turn on you before you can say, “Cat-astrophe”. One minute you’re petting her and she’s purring, the next she’s biting. She’s also a drive-by biter. Be prepared at any given time for Ali Cat to run by and bite your ankle.

So I was nervous.

We brought our baby home and I watched Ali Cat like a hawk. I sat on the floor, cradling Baby Girl close as both cats came up to get a sniff of the newest family member. Our cat, Abby, took one sniff and ran. She wanted nothing to do with the babe, and still doesn’t.

Ali Cat had a different approach. She sniffed Baby Girl’s head, before rolling over by my feet. I wasn’t convinced, expecting her to bite my foot at any given moment. She didn’t. In fact, she got up and sniffed Baby Girl’s head again, this time giving it a quick lick. I was pleasantly surprised, but still watched Ali Cat around the baby.

Baby Girl started to grow as babies do. Soon she was rolling over and Ali Cat was right there, giving her an encouraging pat. When Baby Girl sat up for the first time, Ali Cat laid behind her, giving her a back brace. And once Baby Girl started to play independently, Ali Cat played with her.

Now, Baby Girl is two, and Ali Cat is her best friend. Ali Cat lets her put sunglasses on her, drape necklaces around her and use her as a pillow whenever it is merited. Baby Girl will cook food in her play kitchen for Ali Cat and Ali Cat will give it a courtesy sniff before giving Baby Girl a thank you by rubbing all over her.

Whenever Baby Girl gets home from an outing, her first words are, “Where’s Ali?” Then she runs through the house screaming, “Ali! Ali!” and Ali Cat comes running. Ali Cat sleeps in Baby Girl’s bedroom, and we have heard Baby Girl reading books to her and having conversations with her ever-purring best friend.

I don’t worry about Ali Cat biting Baby Girl any more. My sweet baby and the cat that bites have become the unlikeliest of friends. 
Baby Girl putting a cap on Ali Cat