Tuesday, October 8, 2013

San Jose 2013 - Bucket List, Triple Check

I am blessed with a husband that travels. Quit laughing it's not like that. I love that he travels because on occasion I get to go with him. Feb/March of 2013 I got to go to Scotland and England, because Mike had to go for work. And this week I'm in San Jose, California. Being so close to San Francisco and the coast I knew immediately that I was going to cross at least 2 items off my bucket list.

1st Item: See the Pacific Ocean

And CHECK!!  Baby Girl and I went to Montara Beach and spent a couple of hours just playing in the sand and enjoying the beautiful day.
She wasn't too sure about the waves at first.

Baby toes in the sand... so cute.

We made a sand castle/hut.. hey we didn't have any buckets don't judge.

When I wouldn't let her burry me in the sand she started burying herself.
2nd Item: See the Golden Gate Bridge
Okay so not only did I get to see the bridge, but I unintentionally crossed it... twice. I'm having a hard time getting my bearings in Cali, EVEN WITH THE OCEAN!! I know, but I think I'm just flustered because there are so many people. The traffic is crazy and I'm very thankful I have a hubby that rubbed my shoulders when we got back. I was wound up tighter than an eight day clock.
While looking for parking at the Golden Gate Bridge I found this:
3rd Item: See Alcatraz!
In case you didn't know, Alcatraz is closed because of the government shutdown (stupid politics).
I have always been fascinated by this place. I'm not sure if it's the haunted factor or just the thought of what all has happened on that little island. Wish I could've gone to the actual island, oh well.
Thanks for the memories San Francisco. You're the best (except for the traffic, that is not the best.)