Thursday, October 10, 2013

San Jose 2013 - Inspiration and Tantrums at Happy Hollow Zoo

I was bound and determined not to spend another day cooped up in the hotel room. Things were still iffy with Baby Girl, so I decided we'd go to the zoo instead of the Winchester House (but I will get there). And we had a great time.

We saw Squirrel Monkeys
I believe Baby Girl could've watched them all day.
We saw some macaws. This one is a Scarlet Macaw
Baby Girl drove a fire truck, but she would only ring the bell when the ride stopped. She's a two handed driver.
Then she rode an elephant while eating some goldfish crackers. She's talented like that.
We got really brave and she rode a polar bear, while I braved the motion sickness that is called a carousel.
Then she rode another elephant, while I braved the carousel one more time.
Yes, we were happy.
That is until I told her it was time to get off the carousel. We had gone twice, in a row, and my stomach was telling me it was time to get off. The plan was to go to the gift store and find something special, but as we learned yesterday, plans change.
Baby Girl did not want to stop riding the carousel. She expressed her disapproval in the form of hitting, kicking, throwing her shoes, and screaming "no" and "stop" at the top of her lungs. This was by far her worst temper tantrum EVER and lucky for me it was in public.
So what did I do? I strapped her punk butt into the stroller and wheeled her out of the zoo. Momma is not putting up with that nonsense. Want to be a punk? No toy for you.
Exactly 10 minutes later, this happened.
But I will admit, she got the last laugh. All she ate for dinner was beans. Three of us trapped in a hotel room with a toddler full of beans, yep she definitely got the last laugh.
Even though there was no toy for Baby Girl, Momma did get a present from the zoo. An unexpected inspiration for a new short story.
With a little help from Google, I found out this is the historic Kelley House which caught fire almost 2 years ago. I just knew this house had a story to tell. And when I zoomed into the front window, I found a face in the soot. Tell me that isn't a story waiting to be written.

Side note: During my Google search to find out what house this was, I found out that the creek behind the zoo is haunted by a woman in a red dress who was murdered there back in the 70's.