Thursday, November 21, 2013

Bridesmaid Blog Hop: Making Up for Lost Time

I'm thrilled to be a part of Buzz Books USA's Bridesmaids Blog Hop to celebrate Next Left by Dani Stone and Something New by Malena Lott! There is a giveaway involved--go here to register!

My sister, Brandy, and I had a complicated relationship growing up. We just didn’t get along, mostly because we both always thought we were right and Brandy never learned that I was the one that was always right. So you can see this caused problems.

We never hung out. We didn’t go to parties together. We didn’t stay up late talking about boys, friends, or any other high school stuff. We didn’t sing along to the radio together or paint each other’s fingernails. We didn’t sit together in the cafeteria, share clothes, and we definitely didn’t call each other friends.

So when she got married right out of high school, I didn’t really appreciate my bridesmaid position. The only reason I was a bridesmaid was because I was family. I showed up with tight curls and in my purple taffeta dress, smiled for the camera, ate cake and went to go find my boyfriend. I had my high school junior priorities straight.

Fast forward many years, unfortunately Brandy’s first marriage didn’t work out. I say unfortunately, but I’m not sure that fits here because I am really glad Brandy got married again. This time around I wasn’t just a bridesmaid, but I was the maid-of-honor.

Not only was I the maid-of-honor, but I was also the baker/cake decorator and I lived five hours away. By the time we arrived at the venue I still had to decorate the cake, a rehearsal dinner to attend, and to throw together some kind of bachelorette party. I was miles away from being ready for any of it.

But my sister came to the rescue. Instead of having a bachelorette party, she suggested having a cake decorating bachelorette party. She sent the boys for beers, turned up the radio and we went to work.

And that was when we started making up for lost time.
We sang loudly and off key to the radio.

We got our nails painted.

And I proudly stood by her side that day.
Brandy and I still have a lot of time to make up, but that day we definitely started making up for lost time.