Friday, November 8, 2013

Flash Fiction Friday ~ Lilian's Fantasy

Lillian walked through the halls of Kennedy High.  Her cheerleading skirt swayed in rhythm with her hips, giving the boys a glimpse of what they so desperately wanted.

She opened her locker, catching her reflection in the small oval mirror; pouty red lips, bright blue eyes, clear skin, a tight, thin body and long blonde hair.  She was the definition of perfection.

"Hey beautiful, how 'bout you come to the dance with me?"

Closing her locker she stared at the face of Ryan, the quarterback stud.

"I'd love to Ryan, but wouldn't you rather go with Ashlyn?"

"She's a dog; you blow her out of the water, babe."

"Yo, Lard-butt Lillian, you better wake up before PETA thinks you're a beached whale and comes to save you," yelled Ashlyn, making Ryan laugh.

The harsh words snapped Lillian back to reality.  She'd been day dreaming again.