Monday, November 25, 2013

Truly Thankful

It’s the time of year when we sit around the table with our loved ones and give our appreciation for all the blessings in our lives. I, for one, have many things to be thankful about. I have a loving, supportive husband, a pretty easy-going (although some days she makes me want to pull my hair out) daughter, two parents who gave me the best life they could offer and then some, two sisters who were my first friends and an extended family that makes the effort to get together for every major holiday.

Recently, while hanging out with some of my friends we began discussing our upcoming holiday plans. There were talks of mother-in-laws not allowing anything she didn’t like to eat on the Thanksgiving table no matter how many people said they like it and insisted on using a herb that her daughter-in-law was extremely allergic to on the turkey, divorced families and choosing whose house to go to and whose house to skip, and the hassle of entertaining a daughter’s boyfriends for the first time.

Hearing my friends talk, I realized I had absolutely nothing to “complain” about. The Thanksgiving dishes are divided as usual and if I wanted to bring something new, it wouldn’t be an issue. We always make two different cherry pies, because my Grandfather is diabetic and we want to make sure he can partake. We always gather at my Grandparent’s house, we have for decades and we never have to pick sides because there is only one person in our entire extended family that has been divorced and the ex isn’t in the picture. We do get the occasional boyfriend/girlfriends, but we never worry about entertaining them, but welcome them as if they’re already part of the family.

It is a happy time. A time I look forward to every holiday season. Catching up with all my aunts, uncles and cousins, watching football, and eating all day long and I mean ALL. DAY. LONG. We play cards, games and tell stories of the recent months. Our children run through the house like hoodlums and we let them play and run and laugh, because once upon a time we were those children and I think a part of us remembers what it was like to run through the house playing and laughing with our cousins. There are no hard feelings, or grudges, or family feuds, in fact there is nothing but love in that house.

As I explained this to my friends, they told me that my family wasn’t normal. And maybe we’re not, but if this is what abnormal looks like … well, then … I’m truly thankful that my family is abnormal.