Friday, January 10, 2014

Fiction Friday ~ A Chance Meeting

Olivia squirmed in the blue chair. It was time to get up and walk around, but she knew some slut would steal her seat and she'd have to stand. There was no way that was gonna happen, it had taken her an hour to get this seat and giving up because of a tiny cramp was stupid.

"So you come here often?" came a whisper from behind.

Olivia rolled her eyes. Another deadbeat trying to get her number. Did these losers really think they were in her league. She turned her head to tell him to get lost and stopped herself when she met piercing blue eyes and dark curly locks. The guy was a Greek god. She wondered how he'd found his way into this crummy place.

"Actually, this is my second time." Olivia smiled. "You?"

"Oh, you could say I'm a repeat offender. This place is a bit like a magnet; you don't really want to come, but you don't really have a choice. I'm Marco and you are?"

"Olivia." Curling a leg under her, she turned so she could see him better. "So Marco, what's your story?"

"I'm just a man looking for love."

Olivia laughed. "Does that line really work?"

Marco chuckled. "Depends on the setting, I guess. Honestly, I feel I'm in the middle of my story and does a good author share his story before it's finished?"

"Sounds like you don't want to tell me why you're here." Olivia raised an eyebrow.

"Are you going to tell me why you're here?" Marco asked.

"Sure, I like to drink," Olivia said casually.

"What a coincidence, I appreciate an adult beverage as well." Marco leaned in close. "Olivia, I'm not sure what it is about you, but I find myself totally enamored with you."

"Pretty sure that's the liquor talking," Olivia laughed.

"No," Marco shook his head. "I want to know everything about you. What if we put all the crap people tell each other when they first meet aside and be our true selves until they make us leave this joint?"

Olivia looked around the room. Everyone seemed to be engulfed in conversation of their own and even though she'd hate to admit she was curious about Marco.

"Ok, no lies, no show, just the truth."

Marco and Olivia talked for the next hour. She was surprised to find him so easy to talk to. Before she knew what she was saying, she had told him her entire life story. As she was sharing the events that lead her to their current location when he held up his hand.

"Shhh... the master's coming," he whispered.

Olivia turned back to the front and pretended to watch TV as a police officer approached her.

"Olivia Stapleton, it's time for your arraignment. Your lawyer's already in the court room."

She turned to Marco. "Are you making bail?"

"More than likely," he answered quickly as the officer pulled Olivia to the door.

"Then I'll wait for you," she called out.

 Turning back to the officer, she smiled. "I see great things on the horizon."

The officer grunted. "Honey, you'll be lucky if they even allow you to have bail. You're accused of killing three of your lovers over the past year. Even if you do get out what makes him any safer?"

Olivia licked her lips. They had nothing on her other than a half fingerprint found at the scene of her first lover. She had been less careful then, but now she knew better. Before they had time to blink she'd have Marco in Mexico. She just really hoped he'd be different than the rest. She'd heard Mexico was lovely this time of year, it'd be a shame to have to kill someone.