Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Wee Wednesday ~ Under the Weather

“So you thought you could get away with it?”  Shawna walked around the bed, grinning at Gene.  “I told you I don’t like games.  I don’t like to be played.  And I don’t like liars.”  She walked to the lap top and typed in a web address.  Naked men instantly appeared.  

“Spending an awful lot of money on gay porn these days,” she said, grabbing his credit card, “and on the company card.  Tsk, tsk… you know that can get you fired.”

Gene tried yelling for her to stop, but the tie covering his mouth muffled the sound and the handcuffs weren’t budging.

Shawna picked up Gene’s cell phone and dialed his office.

“Now I’ll just leave your boss a little message,” she said to Gene, “we wouldn’t want him to worry about you, now would we?”

She giggled as she spoke in a high, sexy voice, “This message is to inform you that Mr. Gene Upshaw won’t be in for the rest of the week.  He’s umm… under the weather.”