Monday, October 13, 2014

Return to Quail Crossings ~ Excerpt 3

Lou Anne carefully placed the two hot peppers she had purchased at the Knollwood Market the day before on a plate. The grocer had insured her they were the hottest he had. She had never cared much for hot peppers, but she was desperate to conceive and would do anything to help the process.
She debated between taking little bites or just taking two large bites of each pepper. Mrs. Pearl had said she only needed to eat one, but Lou Anne wanted to increase her odds by eating two. She swiped up a pepper and took a huge bite, chewing quickly and swallowing fast. She did the same with the second pepper.
“Well, that wasn’t so bad,” Lou Anne said, but she quickly changed her mind as the fire started in her throat and quickly raced up to her mouth and lips.
Lou Anne started fanning her mouth, but it wasn’t helping. She bolted up, causing her chair to fall over, and dashed to the icebox. She grabbed the milk and drank directly out of the glass bottle. She dashed to the sink and poured it over her lips.
“Thirsty?” asked Bill.
Lou Anne let out a groan. The man had horrible timing.
“I was trying a new pepper from the market,” said Lou Anne. “I was thinking about canning some peppers in with the stewed tomatoes this year.”
“Guess you won’t be doing that.” Bill raised an eyebrow as Lou Anne wiped off her mouth, lips still tingling from the heat.
“Guess not,” she said, as the flames reignited in her mouth. She mentally begged for Bill to leave.
“I guess I’ll let you get back to your day.” Bill looked at the plate holding two pepper stems and then back to his wife. He headed toward the back door. “You might find a chunk of cheese will help.”
“I’m fine,” yelled Lou Anne. As soon as she heard the back door slam, she raced back to the icebox and grabbed the cheese.