Sunday, April 8, 2018

Coming Soon! Anna's Legacy Collection, Volume One

For the first time Jennifer McMurrain is putting her collection of Anna's Legacy novellas, exclusively written for the Anna's Legacy blog, in paperback. Available on April 24th!!

Can angels fall?
Does Fey exist?
Do some loves last multiple lifetimes?
Will a mirror save a kingdom?

Welcome to the land of fantasy, fairy tales, and magic. Join Jennifer McMurrain as she weaves tales of magic and fantasy in four separate novellas. Let your heart fall in love with angels in Heart of an Angel. Help your spirit find the magic that is within us all in Birdsong. Make yourself believe in a love that will never die in The Divine Heart, and see that things are not always what they appear in The Looking Glass.  

Anna’s Legacy novellas are written specifically for the Anna’s Legacy blog, in the spirit of fun, fantasy, magic and love. Anna’s Legacy is a non-profit dedicated to bringing gifts of joy and laughter to people dealing with illness and difficult times.

25% of all proceeds from this book will go Anna’s Legacy.

Coming soon!! Available in Paperback and eBook.