Thursday, September 17, 2020

Pen Names, Branding, and Confusion ... Oh My!

In August I took two continuing education classes for my writing business and learned a lot. One of my biggest ah-ha moments was when they discussed branding. I won’t go into details, but basically, I will be splitting my writing up into three different brands aka pen names.

Anything you pick up under the Jennifer McMurrain author name will be wholesome and clean historical fiction or rural romance, books like the Quail Crossings series and Heart Valley series.

I am introducing two new pen names to cover my other works.

Jenilyn Michaels will feature all things paranormal, including my paranormal romances like Winter Song, Summer’s End (soon available on audio), and Autumn’s Kiss. I also have some paranormal YA that will fit under this brand.  Basically, if you want a bit of paranormal fun with romantic ghosts, magical battles between good and evil, and some hunky shifters, Jenilyn Michaels is the author for you (to be clear, that is me!)

Finally, allow me to introduce Raven Lee (also me!) and she will show you the things hiding in the dark aka horror suspense. She is not new; I created her a while ago knowing that I wanted to write horror and after my sister, Brandy Walker, created an awesome pre-made cover that I knew I had to have and write a story for, that work in progress is called, Hush.

You all are so loyal and I can’t say thank you enough for reading my books. I do hope that even if a brand might be out of your comfort zone, you’ll give it a try. The writing style will be very similar and I promise there will never be over-the-top gore, language, or sex.