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Raven Lee

Showing you what lives in the dark.

Raven Lee, also known as Jennifer McMurrain, is an award winning, best selling author, who is branching out into the world of Young Adult and Paranormal/Horror. Although Jennifer will never be one to cuss excessively, have erotic sex scenes, or extreme gore in her novels, she wanted a way for her readers to distinguish between her inspirational/historical/romantic works and her darker material. Jennifer came up with this particular pen name for two reasons: In high school Jennifer was obsessed with the life and works of Edgar Allen Poe, hence the first name Raven. Jennifer's parents and her older sister, who have been a constant source of love and support, all have the middle name of Lee/Lea.


Coming Soon!

The Ghosts Within

March 2021

Sloane Fox just wants to write. Too bad the ghosts at the Springs Hotel have different plans.


October 2021

Cassie Mason is a journalist with no job and no home. With only meager savings to her name, she must move in with her aunt, a woman with a unbelievable phobia and in very real danger. #DontScream


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