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Meet the loveable characters of Tea Cozies and Terabytes. This book is a concoction of delightful protagonists who will quickly worm their way into your heart.This latest anthology from the WordWeavers features fiction and nonfiction, prose and poetry with a "Then and Now" theme focused on people. The common thread for each story is the influence of time on every life: how the past shapes each person and how they face their challenges, obstacles, victories... and even villains in the present. Each reader will find a story or poem to delight their tastes, with moods that range from the macabre to the mystical, fanciful to the far-flung, and heartwarming to hopeful. We hope these pieces will draw you in so deeply that time will slip away and keep you up reading late into the night.

Tea Cozies and Terabytes: People

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