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Seraphina Berkley has put her heart and soul into her bakery, Sweet Sera’s, for the past ten years. Needless to say, when a chocolatier comes to town and opens a new business right across the street, she feels threatened by the competition. It doesn’t matter that the owner has been nothing but nice or that he’s one of the most handsome men ever to set foot in Heart Valley. She wants little to do with him. The chocolate, however, is a different story. Adam Gray didn’t give the bakery across the street a second thought when he opened Confessions. He was simply looking for a new home and a fresh start, anything to get away from his past. Despite Sera’s initial coolness towards him, he jumps at an opportunity to help her in the bakery. Working together proves to be like tempering chocolate, heating and cooling it until it sets up into something smooth and beautiful, something his life desperately needs.But Adam’s past returns, potentially destroying everything he and Sera have created. Now, he must not only fight to save his sanity, but the one he’s come to love. Will he be able to save them both or will it all burn down?

Chocolate for Two

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