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Bringing you happy tears.

Sharing stories of love and laughter, fun and family, caring and community. Fall in love with places you'll never want to leave and people you want to call family.

Quail Crossings Series

An historical family saga full of twists, turns, love, and most of all the power of family. ~ Historical Fiction series ~ Best read chronologically.


Dovie Grant has lost her heart in the trials of Quail Crossings. When four orphans enter her life, she must decide whether to open her heart or lose her soul as well.

Return to Quail Crossings Final 2ebook_edited.jpg

Evalyn Brewer has returned to Quail Crossings with a big surprise and even bigger secrets.

Missing Quail Crossings ebook cover Fina

World War II has ended, but the war at home has just begun.

Forever Quail Crossings ebook.jpg

A stranger comes calling and Quail Crossings will never be the same.

Joy at Quail Crossings ebook.jpg

A midnight visit. A simple piece of paper. Everything changes.

Protecting Quail Crossing ebook_edited_edited.jpg

In a family full of heroes, will they live up?

Heart Valley Romance

Fall in love with Heart Valley, a small mountain town full of friendships, true mountain grip, and love. ~ Contemporary Romance Series ~ Can be read in any order, but characters from one book can overlap into the others.

A Rough Draft ebook.jpg

Will Kayla give Sawyer a second chance or will there relationship forever remain a rough draft?

Chocolate for Two ebook cover.jpeg

A Beautiful Baker + A Handsome Chocolatier = One Sweet Rivalry

RK temp cover.jpg

Ready or Knot (Book 3) - Coming Soon

Cole Patterson's only love is the rodeo. He's been burned before and has no interested in another relationship. Will he be able to keep that vow while helping plan his sister's wedding with the lovely Fiona?

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