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A high school student staying true to herself.
Four cousins hoping to find reconciliation.
A couple seeking to rekindle their fire.
A group searching for the truth.

Effie helps them all when they converge upon the historic Skirvin Hotel one beautiful October weekend.

In fact, Effie has always been in the business of helping people since she was hired as a housekeeper in the 1930s. And not even her tragic death has made her stop.
From young adult, to new adult, to adult romance, with a touch of paranormal, Effie links four individual stories from four different authors.

Effie and her unofficial sightings are the inspiration for this collaborative novel by Oklahoma authors Marilyn Boone, Heather Davis, Christine Jarmola and Jennifer McMurrain. Each award winning author spins her own unique yet interwoven tale that will not only raise the tiny hairs on the back of your neck but will warm your heart as well.

A Weekend with Effie

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