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The best-selling saga of hope, love, and grace continues as the Quail Crossings bunch find themselves in another riveting tale of family, strength, and courage.


Dovie Pearce will do anything for her family, even head out into a blizzard when one of her loved ones needs a doctor. She just didn’t think it’d get this bad, this quickly. Had she ever felt so cold? Help would come soon. It had to.


Ellie Brewer has always been an oddball. She’s lucky to have found a kindred odd ball in Theodore, the love of her life. They are making plans for the future, but could Ellie’s new friend take that very future away permanently?


As the forces of nature and humanity collide, Dovie and Ellie must fight for the very thing they cherish most ... family.

Warmth at Quail Crossings

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