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Heart Valley Romance - Book 3 


Fiona Williams may have given up on love for herself, but she knows how to plan the perfect wedding for others. But planning one in two weeks would make even the most seasoned of planners shudder. When the handsome bull rider, Cole Patterson, walks in with such a request for his sister, she can’t help but say yes, especially after finding out the groom is a Hollywood A-lister.


Cole can stay on a bucking bull for a full eight seconds and has the buckles to prove it, but when it comes to romance, he’s finding himself face down in the dirt. The rumors he still pines for his ex aren’t the only things that’s got Cole chewing mud. It’s the uneasy feeling in the pit of this stomach about his future brother-in-law.


With the bride unavailable and precious little time, Fiona and Cole must work together to make the wedding day perfect. The one thing they didn’t plan were the feelings igniting between the wedding planner and the bull rider.


Even with the sparks flying, can Cole and Fiona shake off the hurt of past relationships or will they discover sometimes love comes for you … Ready or Knot.

Ready or Knot

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