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Spies have come to Quail Crossings!


At least that’s what Rosie Brewer believes after catching a stranger on Quail Crossings muttering foreign words in the fog. The problem? No one will listen to her! They all think it’s just a figment of her overactive imagination. With only her loyal cousins by her side, Rosie must do everything she can to fend off the United States’ ruthless Cold War enemy … the Russians.


Annabelle Brewer has a secret.


Even surrounded by a mess of family, she is desperately lonely and in need of a friend. To her surprise, she finds three: an orphan, a fellow family stray, and a girl covered in “cooties”. Turns out, Annabelle isn’t the only one with secrets. As they come to light, she must deal with the type of danger that breaks hearts, not bones.


The folks at Quail Crossings have always been heroic. Will Rosie and Annabelle be able to follow in their footsteps to not only save the home they love, but lives as well?

Protecting Quail Crossings

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