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The End of the Great Before Quail Crossings Experiment.

Hello Dear Reader!

I have had a lot of fun with the serial Before Quail Crossings, but it has become abundantly clear to me you all like your full books, so I’m bringing the great serial BQC experiment to an end. I’m sure you all have questions.

So no more Before Quail Crossings?

No, these kids had a story before they came to Quail Crossings and I still want to tell it. You folks want full-length books and I totally get that, so that’s what I’m going to give you. Right now it looks like there will be two prequels, but don’t quote me on that. Works in progress are … well … in progress.

When will the first book come out?

It’s half written, so before the year is out and hopefully by summer. I want to run it through my editors first. That takes a little more time.

Will it be the same content as BQC 1&2?

The first half of the full Before Quail Crossings will be mostly the same, BUT this gives me the freedom to stretch it out in places I may have rushed the first time around. Books are a living document. They’re never really finished. There just comes a time when the author says, “Good enough.” It will never be perfect for us and we will always find something to add. I’m sure I’ll add some details here and there as I’m re-reading the first two episodes.

Are you taking BQC 1&2 off Amazon?

Not yet, so if you want to get a jump start on the full book, go for it! They will remain in Kindle Unlimited, as well. When the full book goes up, I’ll most likely take them down. I don’t want to confuse any folks who haven’t followed along on this experiment.

Thanks for the update about BQC, BUT when is Warmth at Quail Crossings coming out!?!

I’m shooting for fall, but I’m a bit stuck on how Elmer and Tiny are involved in this book. I think they need more page time, but they’re being stingy with their story, which is hilarious if you know Tiny. Girl sure loves to talk, just wish she’d chat my ear off. I’m sure once I get typing, she’ll get to talking.

If you all have questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. Thanks for reading.


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