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Quail Crossings Book Bundle 1 is Available

I am a girl who loves a plan. Rarely, do I wake up and deviate from my writing schedule, especially with something that is a bit out of my league. So, I’m not sure what got into me on Monday morning when I decided it was time to bundle the first 3 books of Quail Crossings.
This was no simple task. I had to create a book cover. Usually, I hire my very talented sister to do her graphic artist magic, but there was no time for that. I was on a mission that couldn’t be hampered by other’s people’s schedules (how dare they have lives that don’t revolve around me). Full disclosure, when my sister found out what I was doing, she offered to help, but I was a girl on a mission.
Not only did I have to create a cover, but spines for the books ... okay, okay, so BookBrush offers a Box Set Creator tool and voila! Quail Crossings – Series Bundle Vol. 1: Books 1-3 was born!
This eBook series bundle is LIVE on Amazon for only $5.99 or if you have Kindle Unlimited, you can read it for FREE.

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