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Jennifer McMurrain has been both proud and honored to have contributed to these anthologies and collaborations.



Weekend with Effie 1 Final ebook.jpg

A Weekend with Effie

A high school student staying true to herself.
Four cousins hoping to find reconciliation.
A couple seeking to rekindle their fire.
A group searching for the truth.

Effie helps them all when they converge upon the historic Skirvin Hotel one beautiful October weekend.


WordWeaver Anthologies

The WordWeavers are a writing group out of Bartlesville, OK that strive to help writers of all genres and skill sets make their writing dreams come true. All proceeds from WordWeavers anthologies goes directly to the WordWeavers organization.

Poets of Green Country ebook.jpg

Poets of Green Country (ebook only)

Walk with the WordWeavers through Green Country as they travel down poetic roads of love, loss, fun, and fancy. This book of poetry will delight any lover of verse, whether it be rhymed or chaotic, tame or wild, or joyful or sorrowful. 

Roses in Green Country.jpg

Red Roses of Green Country (ebook only)

A heart skips a beat.
A soft hand caresses a cheek.
An embrace lingers.

The Bartlesville WordWeavers will delight you with tales of love, laughter, and even some heartache. These stories and poems will warm your heart, leave you with happy sighs, and put you in the mood for romance.

Tea Cozies and Terabytes ebook Final Cov

Tea Cozies and Terabytes: People

Meet the loveable characters of Tea Cozies and Terabytes. This book is a concoction of delightful protagonists who will quickly worm their way into your heart.This latest anthology from the WordWeavers features fiction and nonfiction, prose and poetry with a "Then and Now" theme focused on people. 

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Seasons to Celebrate

What turns an event into an unforgettable memory?
Is there an occasion you wish could have lasted longer? Which holiday is your favorite? Which season? Which event helped redirect your life?

Season of Life Final ebook1 6x9.jpg

Seasons of Life

The Seasons of Life shares varied tales of a time in the summer where the sun both blesses and blisters, of a time in the spring where rains help us grow, but sometimes washes away. Where fall is beautiful and poignant but also dying as it prepares for the inevitable winter of equal amounts of cozy fires and bitter cold.

Seasons Remembered front cover.jpg

Seasons Remembered

Take a journey with the WordWeavers as they lead you through a path filled with seasonal splendor. The stories will make you think, cry and maybe even induce the highest form of flattery for a writer - the snort laugh.


Chicken Soup for the Soul

Honored and humbled to have pieces in this cherished series. Book are linked to Amazon, but can be found at most major retailors.

Miracles and Divine Intervention.jpg

Chicken Soup for the Soul: Miracles and Divine Intervention

Featuring Jennifer's essay: The Janitor.

Think Postive cover.jpg

Chicken Soup for the Soul: Think Positive, Live Happy

Featuring Jennifer's essay: Yes, I Will ~ pg. 81.

Miracles and More.jpg

Chicken Soup for the Soul: Miracles and More

Featuring Jennifer's essay: Be Happy ~ pg 70.

the dog did what.jpg

Chicken Soup for the Soul: The Dog Did What?

Featuring Jennifer's essay: A Hot Dog ~ pg. 34