Thursday, September 24, 2020

NEW BOOK ALERT! Chocolate for Two: A Heart Valley Romance

 Jennifer McMurrain is pleased to announce the release of her newest book: Chocolate for Two. It is book 2 in the Heart Valley Romance series, but each book stands alone even though they take place in the same town. READ TODAY BY CLICKING HERE!

Seraphina Berkley has put her heart and soul into her bakery, Sweet Sera’s, for the past ten years. Needless to say, when a chocolatier comes to town and opens a new business right across the street, she feels threatened by the competition. It doesn’t matter that the owner has been nothing but nice or that he’s one of the most handsome men ever to set foot in Heart Valley. She wants little to do with him. The chocolate, however, is a different story. Adam Gray didn’t give the bakery across the street a second thought when he opened Confessions. He was simply looking for a new home and a fresh start, anything to get away from his past. Despite Sera’s initial coolness towards him, he jumps at an opportunity to help her in the bakery. Working together proves to be like tempering chocolate, heating and cooling it until it sets up into something smooth and beautiful, something his life desperately needs. But Adam’s past returns, potentially destroying everything he and Sera have created. Now, he must not only fight to save his sanity, but the one he’s come to love. Will he be able to save them both or will it all burn down?

Thursday, September 17, 2020

Pen Names, Branding, and Confusion ... Oh My!

In August I took two continuing education classes for my writing business and learned a lot. One of my biggest ah-ha moments was when they discussed branding. I won’t go into details, but basically, I will be splitting my writing up into three different brands aka pen names.

Anything you pick up under the Jennifer McMurrain author name will be wholesome and clean historical fiction or rural romance, books like the Quail Crossings series and Heart Valley series.

I am introducing two new pen names to cover my other works.

Jenilyn Michaels will feature all things paranormal, including my paranormal romances like Winter Song, Summer’s End (soon available on audio), and Autumn’s Kiss. I also have some paranormal YA that will fit under this brand.  Basically, if you want a bit of paranormal fun with romantic ghosts, magical battles between good and evil, and some hunky shifters, Jenilyn Michaels is the author for you (to be clear, that is me!)

Finally, allow me to introduce Raven Lee (also me!) and she will show you the things hiding in the dark aka horror suspense. She is not new; I created her a while ago knowing that I wanted to write horror and after my sister, Brandy Walker, created an awesome pre-made cover that I knew I had to have and write a story for, that work in progress is called, Hush.

You all are so loyal and I can’t say thank you enough for reading my books. I do hope that even if a brand might be out of your comfort zone, you’ll give it a try. The writing style will be very similar and I promise there will never be over-the-top gore, language, or sex. 

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

NEW BOOK ALERT! Poets in Green Country

 Join Jennifer McMurrain and the rest of the talented WordWeavers in this journey through Green Country with the poets that reside here. Jennifer has four poems in this anthology.

Walk with the WordWeavers through Green Country as they travel down poetic roads of love, loss, fun, and fancy. This book of poetry will delight any lover of verse, whether it be rhymed or chaotic, tame or wild, or joyful or sorrowful. Help the WordWeavers celebrate their love of poetry with this WordWeavers fund raiser.

**All proceeds go directly to the WordWeavers: writers helping writers, no matter their genre, skill level, or publication record.**

Available on Kindle!

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Joy at Quail Crossings - March 10, 2020

Life is now quiet at Quail Crossings. The Brewer children have all grown up and started families of their own and Dovie Pearce is content. She’s married to a wonderful man, Gabe, and her adoptive daughter, Ellie, is a wonderful companion. But one cold March night, the peace is broken with a midnight knock at the door that ends with the cries of an abandoned baby by sunrise.

Joy Smith has fallen into her own quiet life. At sixteen, she has little to worry about, until she finds the marriage certificate of her parents that doesn’t make sense. She questions her family members, trying to figure out the mysterious document, but once she discovers the truth, her life is shattered.

Jaded by her parent’s lack of trust, Joy finds a kinship with baby Jeffery. When she finds out who the abandoned baby belongs to, she vows to make things right for him. Will her actions give Jeffery the life he deserves or is she putting him in the hands of the very person who will destroy him?

Available on Amazon on March 10, 2020!